As part of the Informatica benefits package, you have access to a variety of additional programs that can help save you money and provide important assistance with everyday needs.

LegalZoom LifePlan

LegalZoom LifePlan offers integrated legal, financial, tax and insurance services to help members navigate situations including getting married, buying a home, having a child, retiring, and more.

LegalZoom LifePlan services include:

  • Legal advice — topics ranging from family matters, financial questions, real estate transactions, estate planning, and more
  • Tax advice — unlimited 30-minute sessions with independent tax professionals.
  • Financial advice — unlimited 30-minute sessions with a Certified Financial Planner on a range of topics including an annual financial assessment.
  • Insurance advice — unlimited 30-minute insurance advice sessions with an independent insurance professional.
  • Attorney-assisted estate planning — complete a will, living will, and financial power of attorney.
  • Legal contracts and agreements library — unlimited digital storage for your most important documents and personal memories
  • Document review — legal review of both LegalZoom and non-LegalZoom documents
  • ID Theft Protection — Full Service Identity Restoration, $1M in identity insurance, credit bureau monitoring, and more
  • 10% discount on services including business services, intellectual property services, and personal services

Ready to learn more? Contact 888-556-0888 Monday ‒ Friday, 7am to 7pm CT, or email lifeplan@legalzoom.com.

Pet Insurance

Nationwide VPI Pet Insurance provides coverage to help you cover the costs of veterinary care:

  • Protect against the financial impact of veterinary care while using any veterinarian worldwide.
  • You are eligible to receive a discount on premiums.

For more information, visit the MetLife website or call (800) 438-6388.

Auto and Home Insurance

MetLife Auto & Home Insurance gives you access to personal insurance policies, including home, auto, landlord’s rental dwelling, condo, car, recreational vehicle, and boat:

  • Save money by purchasing this coverage through Informatica.
  • Receive no-obligation quotes and cost comparisons.

MetLife Home & Auto may not be available for residents of Alaska, DC, or Hawaii. For more information, visit the MetLife website or call (855) 229-9095.

Employee Discounts


Through Fond, you have access to hundreds of corporate discounts from over 600 vendors.

Log in with your work email to get started or call (888) 681-7864.


Offers exclusive membership to save up to 50% off everything from hotels and rental cars, attractions and entertainment tickets, to a discounted gym membership.

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