Health Savings Accounts OVERVIEW


Employees enrolled in the Aetna Saver Plan can open and contribute money to a Health Savings Account (HSA) through WEX. The HSA is a pre-tax savings account that you can use to pay for eligible health expenses anytime, even in retirement.

Informatica contributes to your account and you can contribute through convenient payroll deductions. In addition, if you already have an HSA account at another institution, you can transfer those funds into your WEX account at Informatica.
The total amount you and Informatica can contribute to your HSA this year is:

$3,850 for individual medical coverage.
$7,750 for family medical coverage.

Add $1,000 to these limits if you’re age 55 or older.

The employer contribution amount is $400 (employee only coverage) and $800 (employee plus dependent(s) coverage). The contribution amount is paid out quarterly and is prorated based on start date.


  • Put money in pre-tax money.
  • Get company contributions.
  • Carry unused money over.
  • Pay for eligible medical, dental, and vision care.

For more information or to enroll in any of the accounts, visit (866) 451-3399