LYRA Mental Health Care and Employee Assistance Benefits

Lyra Mental Health Care Benefits

Lyra is a comprehensive full spectrum of care solution for mental health and energy management. Lyra ensures high quality care that is available throughout the year to assist with you and your dependents everyday needs, at no cost to you. You have access to an exclusive network of providers that support culturally responsive and localized care.

Lyra Employee AssiStance Benefits
Get assistance with work-life issues, referrals for clinical, legal, financial services, identity theft, dependent care, and more.

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Mental Health Care Benefits: Lyra

Lyra is Informatica’s administrator for mental health benefits and Employee Assistance Program. Lyra provides a range of support and services anytime, anywhere, and on any device—so you can get support when you need it. In response to employee feedback, our mental health care benefits and employee assistance program has the following enhancements:

  • Up to 16 sessions for each eligible family member, now including ages 2 and older
  • In-person, video, self-care, and onsite care options
  • Digital platform with appointments available within 24 hours
  • Access to the Calm app for meditation, sleep, and relaxation support

Plan Documents
Have questions? Please contact Lyra at 877-232-1498.